• Green Could Be a Foreign Color at the 2013 Dallas Auto Show

    Green Could Be a Foreign Color at the 2013 Dallas Auto Show

    A foreign invasion could be descending upon the 2013 Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Auto Show flying a solid-colored flag — green. With the recent release of so many alternative-energy vehicles, consumers have never been more interested in the advantages of going green behind the wheel. Although there is plenty of room for this technology to advance,  foreign automakers […]

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  • PlaNYC: Make it a Social Movement

    Central to the City’s sustainability efforts is PlaNYC, the monumental program linking hundreds of greening initiatives across City operations. Yet how sustainable is PlaNYC itself? As a project of the Mayor’s Office, it was created almost completely by government agency staff and consultants. The public wasn’t involved in creating the plan, so no grassroots constituency […]

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  • Parking Around the World

    Parking Around the World

    For most people, parking probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind when reading about sustainability and transportation. When was the last time you read about parking policies, compared to articles about biking or high-speed rail?  But cars are still a major part of our transportation network and progressive parking policies have surprisingly good benefits when […]

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  • Fill Your Tires With Nitrogen!

    The nitrogen molecule is more stable and larger than that of oxygen; it takes 3 to 4 times longer for it to escape through porous rubber tires. Nitrogen fill increases safety, reduces tire wear, improves handling, minimizes blowouts and its environmentally friendly.  Nitrogen-fill is not new. It’s been used by NASCAR, in airplane tires and […]

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  • It’s Better on a Bike!

    According to the NYC Department of Transportation, in 2000, only 11% of New Yorkers rode a bicycle to work, while 25% drove and 53% took public transportation. While this number is steadily increasing, cyclists are still a minority here in NYC. Why do so few New Yorkers ride a bike? No doubt many potential bike […]

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