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The mission of Green City Challenge is to educate and inspire people to Live, Work and Eat Green in New York City and beyond by engaging the public with hands on experiences that showcase what is possible in the world of sustainability.

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Energy and New York City

Energy and New York City Most New Yorkers don’t think very much about where the electricity comes from to power their cell phones and other electronic gadgets.  As long as they can charge their gadgets and use them 24/7, they


The Pope and Climate Change

As I write this article, Pope Francis is in New York City. One of the purposes of his visit is to speak to the UN delegates about climate change. In December, world leaders will meet in Paris to try and


Sustainable Lifestyle

What Can You Learn About The Sustainable Lifestyle at the Eco-Carnival? On Sunday, October 11 the 2nd Annual Green City Challenge Eco-Carnival will be held at La Plaza Cultural Community Garden on Avenue C and East 9th Street in Manhattan’s