Green City Challenge brings our iconic interactive and educational games and challenges to Middle Schools throughout New York City.
We connect directly with students about sustainability through our fun and engaging educational programming

Play six fun and interactive challenges:
1. Recycle It – Sort common household items into the best disposal bins.
2. What’s the Watts? – Rank appliances according to how much energy they use.
3. Build it Green – Identify green building materials by their physical characteristics.
4. Green at Home – Make sustainable vs. non sustainable lifestyle choices at home.
5. Go Fish – Fish for the answers to questions about sustainable seafood and the oceans.
6. Environmental Jeopardy – Play a quiz game all about environmental topics.

The Green City Challenge format is very flexible. Play any or all of our games in the school setting that works best for your students or work with Green City Challenge to assist your students to make their own custom environmental games. In addition to our hands-on games, we also have created three digital games that can be played on line at home or in the school. You can mix and match, using some of our hands-on games for a fun and educational event in the school, and/or use our digital games to add a fun and interesting way of learning about sustainability.

Suggested donation of $200 per 3 hour maximum in school program.

For more information, contact Les Judd at 718-530-5074 or

Founded in 2010, Green City Challenge has years of experience providing dynamic hands-on and collaborative environmental education at businesses, schools, and public events throughout New York City.