• EcoChi For Interior Design

    EcoChi For Interior Design

    Every space has a life of its own, and impacts us as we go about our lives. Our actions, energy and thoughts, as well as our physical well-being, are all profoundly influenced by our surroundings. The design, color scheme, textures, light, furnishings, accessories and placement of each item in our indoor environments impact our senses […]

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  • Learning to Compost

    Learning to Compost

    Many of us green New Yorkers know the importance of composting. We bring our food scraps to local drop off points, or maybe we even compost ourselves in our apartments. But how many of us actually know how to compost outdoors? Fortunately, the Lower East Side Ecology Center, provides workshops for just such an occasion. […]

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  • Parking Around the World

    Parking Around the World

    For most people, parking probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind when reading about sustainability and transportation. When was the last time you read about parking policies, compared to articles about biking or high-speed rail?  But cars are still a major part of our transportation network and progressive parking policies have surprisingly good benefits when […]

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  • Fill Your Tires With Nitrogen!

    The nitrogen molecule is more stable and larger than that of oxygen; it takes 3 to 4 times longer for it to escape through porous rubber tires. Nitrogen fill increases safety, reduces tire wear, improves handling, minimizes blowouts and its environmentally friendly.  Nitrogen-fill is not new. It’s been used by NASCAR, in airplane tires and […]

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  • Stockholm, Sweden: Swop Art

    In Stockholm, Sweden, a store called Swop Art that aims to declutter all that junk and turn it into a zero-waste business. Green City Challenge interviewed Swop Art founder Mariam Nordmark about starting her business.

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