• How To Go Green in Your Office

    How To Go Green in Your Office

    Take a moment to think about how much unnecessary trash your office produces or excess energy your workplace uses. Greening your office will not only reduce your carbon footprint and create a more sustainable work environment, it can lower high utility costs. Follow these tips for creating an eco-friendly office and reducing your impact on […]

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  • Corn: The American Staple Diet

    Whether you eat corn or not, chances are corn already forms a huge part of your diet. This is due in large part to the Farm Bill, an agricultural and food policy tool passed by the US Congress to reduce hunger and control food prices. While it is primarily used to help US farmers, it […]

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  • Field Trip to Queens Botanical Garden

    Field Trip to Queens Botanical Garden

    Does Spring Fever have you ready to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, smell the flowers and feel the grass between your city toes? Are you itching to get away from the honking taxis, screeching subways and blaring sirens? Some of us here at GCC decided we couldn’t resist the itch any longer, and took […]

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  • Hydro Fracking Opponents Speak Up

    Hydro Fracking Opponents Speak Up

    Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” is a method in which high-pressure chemicals are injected into underground rock formations to fracture surrounding shale and release trapped natural gas. The problem is that the wastes of Hydraulic Fracturing pose great risks for public health and the environment. The water used in the process contains radioactive and toxic substances that […]

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