• The Past, Present and Future of Food Production

    The Past, Present and Future of Food Production

    The Green Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s brought an array of agricultural technology that helped the world’s population almost double in size. The 21st century, however, brings a new set of challenges. A continually increasing population, the relative scarcity of fresh water and arable land, and the unpredictable climactic effects of global warming have […]

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  • Corn: The American Staple Diet

    Whether you eat corn or not, chances are corn already forms a huge part of your diet. This is due in large part to the Farm Bill, an agricultural and food policy tool passed by the US Congress to reduce hunger and control food prices. While it is primarily used to help US farmers, it […]

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  • Discovery High School; Growing Vegetables and Character

    Discovery High School; Growing Vegetables and Character

    In a community struggling with endemic poverty, unequal access to healthy food and environmental blight, Discovery High School’s Living Environment class has become the unlikely vanguard of an urban gardening movement. Started by Steve Ritz, the program’s teacher and enthusiastic Bronx activist, Discovery is creating positive change, one pound of vegetables at a time. Discovery’s […]

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  • Why Eat Organic? The Dirty Dozen List

    The simple fact is that eating organic is not only healthier for you; it’s healthier for the planet.  Aside from contributing to a number of childhood diseases and ADD, artificial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides seep into ground water.   These chemicals eventually pollute and destroy wetlands and rivers.  Even our off shore coral reefs are dying […]

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