• What a Re-Leaf! Green Uses for your Autumn Leaves  (by Yuna Park)

    What a Re-Leaf! Green Uses for your Autumn Leaves (by Yuna Park)

    It’s autumn again! Summer’s over, meaning that it’s finally time to go apple-picking, plan out your (hopefully vegetarian!) Thanksgiving dinner… and rake up those hulking mountains of leaves in your backyard. Other than asking who’s actually going to rake up all of those leaves, the bigger question is what you’ll end up doing with the […]

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  • Why Compost?

    I realize I am speaking with an eco-savvy group here. Nonetheless, I wanted to share a few astonishing facts that inspire me (and I hope you, too) to urgent action: New Yorkers throw out 32 million pounds of household garbage per day. That’s just residential (less than 25% of the total), and that does not include […]

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  • Learning to Compost

    Learning to Compost

    Many of us green New Yorkers know the importance of composting. We bring our food scraps to local drop off points, or maybe we even compost ourselves in our apartments. But how many of us actually know how to compost outdoors? Fortunately, the Lower East Side Ecology Center, provides workshops for just such an occasion. […]

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  • Urban Composting

    Cities have an abundance of food. Thousands of restaurants, caterers, grocery stores, bodegas and households comprise the network of establishments that thrive on food’s production and consumption in NYC. It is easy to think of each of these places that receives and redistributes food as stops along a path to one final human consumer. However, […]

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