With all the choices we have, how do you choose what to eat? How can you balance a healthy diet and still eat food that you like? How adventurous are you with what you eat? Why are some people vegans and vegetarians and what does that mean?

We are pretty lucky in New York that we have farmers markets all over the city, usually within walking distance. This food is locally grown by small family farmers. Is it worth walking the extra two blocks to get fresh vegetables? How beneficial is organic compared to conventional foods? Is it better to buy frozen corn or canned corn?

Maybe it would take more fuel to transport 100 lbs of veggies from the Hudson Valley and back than it would to fly one ton from California. Which would be healthier? Are they organic? If not, what are the pesticides made of? Can they harm us? Are they harmful to the land and water where they are used? If they are organic, how do the farmers keep the bugs from eating up all the crops? Does the organic produce flown in from California come in a plastic clamshell container? What happens to that plastic after you use it?

Think about all of this when you decide what to eat. Read Debra Secunda’s column and explore how to cook or not cook your food. You don’t have to be a full fledged vegan to enjoy a vegan dish. The key is to have some balance and variety.

If you like to eat meat, go ahead. One night why not try a vegetarian casserole? Another night, take a raw food recipe from our website and try that.

You may be surprised at how good healthy food tastes.