Why is it so important to live, work, and eat green???  I need only point to the Flint Michigan water crisis for one of my many motivations and inspirations to work, live, and eat green.  On March 5, 2016, A federal state of emergency was imposed in Flint Michigan due to widespread lead contamination in the Flint water supply.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Center Of Disease Control, lead can be particularly harmful to children’s health and can affect physical or mental development.

In April 2014, Flint Michigan began using the Flint River for its water supply as a cost saving measure.  But, what are the long term ecological and economical costs of choosing a more heavily polluted water source while utilizing an antiquated and eroding filtration system and aging and faltering infrastructure?

Thousands of Flint Michigan residents (most of them poor) are being forced to purchase bottled water to avoid contaminated water and they are also very concerned about the amount of lead poisoning and mental damages already suffered by their children.

Due to this crisis, Flint Michigan residents’ homes cannot be sold since they are now worth nothing, Legionnaires Disease has increased ten fold, crime and murder in Flint Michigan has increased significantly, the poor have become poorer and the rich have become richer with government imposed program cuts and higher bracket tax breaks, and most of the residents of Flint Michigan are wondering if they or their children will even have a future.

Why is it so important to live, work, and eat green???