What’s the Fuss About Farm-To-Table Restaurants?

Farm to Table restaurants are all the rage these days.  But, what does farm to table mean exactly?

In the last 5 – 10 years, there has been increasing demand by diners for food that is locally grown and seasonal, preferably grown without pesticides and other chemicals and grown in a way that is kind to the animals, the environment and to humans.

Most restaurants, whether they are inexpensive fast food chain restaurants or expensive and elegant, serve food that is produced with industrial agricultural methods.  Industrial agriculture produces food using a lot of fossil fuels, which creates large amounts of greenhouse gases and contributes significantly to climate change.  Additionally, industrial agriculture creates large amounts of air and water pollution, uses a tremendous amount of water, treats animals raised for human consumption as factory products, not intelligent, feeling creatures and applies large amounts of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals on crops.

Unfortunately, the restaurants that market themselves as farm to table in New York City tend to be rather pricey.  If you are looking for fast and inexpensive food, this is not for you!  On the other hand, if you are a discerning diner, who wants to try quality food that is grown in sustainable ways, here are a few restaurants you may want to try in alphabetical order.

Note: moderately priced means that entrée prices average between $18 and $25 while expensive means that average entrée prices are more than $30.

ABC Kitchen – 35 East 18th Street, Manhattan – expensive

AWOL Eatery – 336 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn – moderately priced

Black Tree – 131 Orchard Street, Manhattan – moderately priced

Blue Hill – 75 Washington Place, Manhattan – expensive

Foragers Table – 233 8th Avenue, Manhattan – moderately priced

Gramercy Tavern – 42 East 20th Street, Manhattan – moderately priced

Market Table – 54 Carmine Street, Manhattan – expensive

Mas Farmhouse – 39 Downing Street, Manhattan – expensive

Print – 653 11th Avenue, Manhattan – expensive

Roberta’s – 261 Moore Street, Brooklyn – moderately priced

Telepan – 72 West 69th Street, Manhattan – expensive

The Green Table – 75 9th Avenue, Manhattan – moderately priced

The Marshal – 628 Tenth Avenue, Manhattan – moderately priced

Alas, I have not eaten at any of these restaurants so I will not recommend any of them.  I invite our readers to write to me at les@greencitychallenge.org to let me know your experiences at any of these restaurants.