I incorporate this “ricotta cheese” in my raw “living” lasagna, pizza recipes, salad dressings, appetizers, or as a satisfying” go-to” on a stalk of celery when I’m craving that creamy salty crunch that should always be on-hand in any GREEN refrigerator.


Natural LIVING probiotic cultures with acidopholous, lactobacilus, & bifidus for enhanced proper digestion:

The fermentation process also renders these seeds into easily digested and assimilated amino acids, simple sugars, & essential fatty acids.  Serve as garnish on Green Blended Soups or bowl of berries sweetened with raw honey or low-glycemic stevia.

Equipment: Vitamix, Blend-Tech, or any blender with ice-crush capacity


2 cups purified, filtered water or Rejuvelac (an optional fermented “starter culture”)

1 cup hulled raw organic sunflower or pumpkin seeds

Soak seeds 8 hours & sprout 8 hrs.

Blend at low speed & then advance to high speed until mixture becomes a smooth pasty liquid.

Pour into a glass jar. Secure a sprout bag or cheesecloth over top with a rubber band.

Set aside out of direct sunlight for 3 – 5 hrs. You may need extra time if made with water instead of rejuvelac. Stir and taste, culture to desired tanginess.

Refrigerate tightly covered up to 5 days.

Add lemon juice & raw honey or use stevia for a low glycemic, low calorie sweetener and serve over a bowl of berries for an awesome guilt-free dessert!

Herbed “Ricotta Cheese”:

1/4- 1/2 cup purified water

1 Cup raw almonds (soaked 24 – 48 hours in refrigerator and peeled) or use “raw” cashews soaked 4 hours. (Note: many gourmet “raw” food cheese recipes include creamy “raw” cashews but there’s controversy as to the harvesting process that requires heating over 115 degrees, thus destroying enzyme content).

1 whole lemon, quartered

1-2 C fresh basil (extra basil yields a pesto consistency)

2- 3 T nutritional yeast (available at most grocers)

1/4 C organic cold pressed olive oil

1 tsp Celtic sea salt

Blend nuts low & slow with half the liquid, then add rest of ingredients & advance to high speed until mixture is a smooth paste.

Store tightly covered in refrigerator and enjoy for 5 days, or dehydrate & crumble for “parmesan” cheese.

Recipes by Eco-Chef Debra Secunda

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