According to the EPA, in 2008 Americans had only a 33.4% recycling rate. For something as simple as recycling, that’s not a very high percentage!  It takes a little extra effort on your part but all our actions combined have a big impact on the environment.  The first step is setting up a recycling station in your house or apartment.  Perhaps “station” is a slightly misleading word — it could simply be two brown paper bags arranged by the kitchen, one labelled “paper” and the other “plastic and glass”.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it’s an important first step in the right direction.  The next step: putting the trash in the right place.  First, it’s in your hand and you want to throw it away.  Second, (for plastics and glass) if soiled, rinse some water through it.  Third, you put in its respective recycle section.  Is it a newspaper?  Put it in the “paper” section.  Is it a glass jar?  Put it with other glass items.  Sounds easy?  That’s because it is!  And you can do it too.