Scrambling for last minute Christmas presents? Don’t stress! Here are a few tips on finding the perfect eco-friendly Christmas gift!

1) Rent-A-Gift!

Buying toys for your children, nieces, or nephews can be such a stressful hassle. No one wants to stand in line for hours to buy that doll or game after waging war against other customers. Plus, thinking about the energy and resources used to create that toy certainly is no fun. Besides, the kids will probably be bored of that toy by New Years! What if there was a more eco-friendly option to buying gifts?
This year, skip the long lines and angry customers, and opt instead to rent a present! There are options such as Toys Trunk  that allow you to rent toys. It might seem like a strange option, but renting a gift is certainly an environmentally-friendly option for this Christmas. By renting, you’re cutting down on the energy and resources needed to create another toy that’ll probably just end up in the garbage heap somewhere down the line.


(Just a few of the toys that Toys Trunk has to offer!) 

2) DIY Gifts!

A fun, crafty way to give a greener Christmas gift is to make your own gift! With so many tutorials out there, it’s never been easier to make your own gift for that special someone. DIY gifts are great because they cut down on energy and other resources needed for production and disposal – perfect for a green gift. The best part of a DIY gift, however, is that your gift will be unique and heartfelt and made with the receiver in mind.
DIY gifts may sound a bit intimidating at first. However, there are plenty of tutorials that will help you every fun step of the way. Some fun DIY gift ideas perfect for winter are: journals, beanies, mugs, and even hot chocolate kits!


(This year, I crocheted scarves for my best friends!)

3) Activities!

The holidays can be the most wonderful and stressful time of the year, so why not help others to de-stress just a bit with the gift of a fun or relaxing activity! Instead of generically gifting lotions, you can opt for a gift certificate to a local sauna or spa, such as Rejuvenate Spa, that uses natural, eco-friendly products. Anyone will appreciate that perfect gift of relaxation after the holidays. And if you’re stumped on an idea for the epicure in your life, why not give them a gift card for a local, vegetarian/vegan restaurant? This idea is especially great for a best friend, family member, or significant other, since you can spend some quality time together!


(Besides, who wouldn’t want to relax after hectic holidays?) 

We hope these tips helped you figure out the perfect green Christmas gift for your loved ones! Warm wishes and happy holidays from all of us at Green City Challenge to you!