Does your community offer a home recycling program? Well if the answer is yes, then take advantage of a great opportunity with This innovative site promotes living green in every fashion. Its mission is to take action that will have a positive impact on our planet by trading the actions you make with the actions of others in your community. With collective action, comes massive improvements for our environment. 

A great way to support your community is by sharing reusable items with your neighbors through the Internet while earning rewards and points along the way. How often do you throw out items that you weren’t using anymore only to find out that it is still usable. You’ve either outgrown that product or might have been in need of an upgrade. What do you do with these reusable items? With the Recyclebank home recycling program, all you have to do is have a hauler or your local recycle truck pick up your recycle bag or cart, they will weigh each cart to determine how much you have recycled. Your recycled cart or bag will be weighed each week. The weight of your bag translates into Recyclable Points that you earn and redeem for rewards.

There are some cities that work with Recyclebank. In some communities, Recyclebank uses technology on trucks and on your recycle cart to see who is participating in recycling and to get the total weight of all the recycling collected in that neighborhood. In these communities, individual households that recycled earn points based on an equal percentage of the total neighborhood recycling weight. Whatever your total amount ends up being for that week, Recyclebank deposits that amount of points into your individual Recyclebank account. A different   approach is what Recyclebank calls, the ‘slight tweak’.  In these communities, Recyclebank need you to tell us that you’ve recycled on their site or via their mobile app in order to get your share of the community’s Recyclebank Points for each collection.

The more you recycle the more points you earn. Your rewarded in different ways. You can receive:

  • Coupons for your best brand like Kashi.
  • You may want to utilized your saving coupons on a pair of sneakers at Footlocker
  • Filler up on your tasty organic coffee at Dunkin Donuts.
  • Discounts at your local eatery
  • Refer a friend or a family member and you’ll be rewarded up to 10 points


One of the best ways to utilized your reward points however, is by donating them to support environmental education programs in schools across the country and worldwide. The first step to reap the benefits of this program is to register with Once you have registered, you will know whether or not your community participates in the home recycling program. If your neighborhood does not participate in this program, Recyclebank provides a letter attachment that you can print out and send to your local government official requesting that your area participate. If your neighborhood is a participant of this program, be sure to add home recycling to your account from the Earn Points section on Recyclebank’s websites to begin receiving rewards for your efforts.

Recyclebank motivate individuals and communities to realize a world where nothing is wasted. Why not get involved and share the knowledge of how to conserve energy, recycling reusable items, and learning how to take care of our Eco-friendly communities. Remember waste not, want not!

by Allison Braham