Think about the environmental impact of the products you use in your home.  What kind of chemicals are in the soap you use for your sheets?  What kind of chemicals did they use in the cotton that go into manufacturing them?  Are cotton sheets worth the extra money?  Were they made in China or locally made?  What kind of plastic are your kids playing with and putting into their mouths and where did it come from?  Where will it go after it breaks?  How many batteries will need to be bought for the lifetime of a toy?  Where will these batteries end up?  What are they made of?

Furniture: Why are organic mattresses, bedding, furniture upholstery, and carpets better for your health than conventional?  Do you know if there are flame retardants in the carpet or sofa?  Are you breathing them in?

Cleaning Products:  100 years ago, people used home made cleaners with baking soda and vinegar and their houses were just as clean as ours are today.  It takes no time to mix a couple of ingredients in a gallon jug that will last months and cost only pennies.  By using the same spray bottle over and over, there will be less plastic in a landfill.  How much would your daily life be impacted by doing this?