Each year people spend billions on one-time use gift wrapping accessories that ends up polluting our landfills. You’ve probably noticed that the holiday season brings additional source of huge paper waste. The most brilliant and cost effective ways to wrap our gifts, are the ways that conserve the environment. There are numerous companies specializing in recyling wrapping paper, but if you’re looking for eco-friendly alternatives to save money, consider using homemade resources right at your finger tips. Here’s a list of are stylish gift wrapping ideas that creates less waste and more memories.

  • Calendars – Instead of throwing out old calendars, turn them into glamour gift wrapping paper. Use the photos sides or the calendar sections for more creativity.
  • Newspapers -Try using sections like “Sunday’s comic pages”, “Art”, and “Sports” to create a more personal touch. Foreign newspapers are also great and artsy.
  • Posters and Maps
  • Magazine pictures
  • Fabric scraps
  • Scarfs
  • Brown Paper Bags
  • Potato chips and other aluminum lined bags
  • Old sheet music
  • Yellow pages (from book)
  • Reusable decorative bags
  • Children’s coloring book – Pages from your child’s old coloring books are especially nice for family who enjoy the artwork and creativity.
  • Last year’s holiday paper and other gift wrapping – If you save them, you can press with a warm iron to remove the wrinkle and reuse them.


Homemade green gift wrapping are impressive ways to create great memories, and save money. Look around your home for things you can use, and then add a bit of creativity and voila! -your gift will look very original, personable and stylish. And if you have biodegradable tape, be sure to use it.

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