Click the green flag and answer the questions by using the fishing pole to catch and reel in the correct answer.

Use the left and right arrows to move the pole back and forth and the up and down arrows to move the hook up and down. When the hook is on what you want to catch press space bar to reel in; wrong answers will be tossed back. If the animals are overlapped you won’t be able to catch them, so wait until they are on their own in order to reel them in.

Green City Challenge brings our iconic interactive and educational games and challenges to Middle Schools throughout New York City.

If you want to play more digital games or bring the experience into your classroom, Green City Challenge will work with what’s best for your students. You can mix and match, using some of our hands-on games for a fun and educational event in the school, and/or use our digital games to add a fun and interesting way of learning about sustainability.

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Founded in 2010, Green City Challenge has years of experience providing dynamic hands-on and collaborative environmental education at businesses,
schools, and public events throughout New York City.